We have been doing what we do for 19 years and have delivered significant ROI for our broad range of loyal clients.

Our offering is not just a shiny new system but also a highly productive working relationship backed up by exemplary customer service. Our growth strategy is simple: blending our vast experience and enthusiasm to provide exceptional time savings, feature driven benefits and value.

This enables our clients to have complete confidence in Credica, enjoying massive efficiency gains, complete control over their debtors and easily identifying and addressing areas of concern within their ledger.

In our August 2020 Customer Satisfaction survey, the following results were obtained under the category of ‘Return On Investment’

46% chose Totally and Utterly Satisfied

31% chose Very Satisfied

23% chose Satisfied

0% chose Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied, Somewhat Dissatisfied or Extremely Dissatisfied


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How We Are Different

Credit Control is what we’re all about, therefore our philosophy is to focus 100% on our core product offering, with a mature and realistic approach to how our business grows. This ensures customer satisfaction and keeps our products ahead of market expectations, which allows us to achieve nothing short of excellence when serving our expanding customer base.

We are not distracted by the latest technology trends and buzzwords, as these rarely improve productivity and therefore rarely contribute to increased cashflow performance.

When implementing your fully configured Credica system, we dedicate considerable time to consulting with you to understand your business and your chasing rules to ensure your Credica system performs to it’s maximum. In short, we ensure your Credica system solves the problems you need it to solve.

Credica is a customer focussed business, not a shareholder focussed business – this sets us apart from the crowd.

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The Credica Board



Bringing decades of experience and technical know-how to the Credica team.

Geoff has a deep knowledge of Sage and other enterprise level financial systems and is actively involved in much of our ongoing developments, to ensure his experience is put to good use.



Howard has an unstoppable pursuit of excellence for not only our products, but more crucially for our customers’ satisfaction.


The efficiencies our software brings to our customers and it’s ease of use are Howard’s primary goals when re-imagining how our products work.



Our longest serving team member, having been with Credica since the start, Iain has almost unlimited technical knowhow, and wears as many hats as possible – from Customer Service and problem solving to Project Management.


CICM Corporate Partner

Credica became a member of the CICM in 2015.

The Chartered Institute of Credit Management is the largest recognised professional body in the world for the credit management community. The Royal Charter was granted in 2014.

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Send us a brief outline of the problems you would like a new Credit Management system to solve. We'll get back to you within 1 working day for a discussion.

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